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About the Event

The Youth Festival will be held on 5th September 2022 (Monday) in which there will be different cultural dances, Theater, and Mime competitions. This is a free-theme event. Students can decide their theme accordingly which should reflect either a patriotic theme (cultural) or a teacher's day theme.

Event Date & Time- 5th September 2022 (5pm to 8pm)
Event Place- Axis Colleges, Hathipur, Rooma, Kanpur
Event Types- Cultural Fest (Dance, Theater, Mime)
Group A students- Class 8th to 12th
Group B students- Graduation and above or Independent Candidate

Yes. Here are the details.

For Group A
Winner- Cash Prize of INR 6000 
Runner Up- Cash Prize of INR 3000

For Group B
Winner- Cash Prize of INR 8000 
Runner Up- Cash Prize of INR 4000

1. Offensive music and songs are prohibited.
2. Open theme ( Teachers Day, 75th independence, etc.)
3. A maximum of 10 participants are allowed in one team.
4. Participants must report 30 minutes before starting the program.
5. Only Dance, Theatre (Act) are allowed. Time limit - 6 minutes maximum (for
dance), Time limit - 12 minutes maximum (for ACT)
6. The schools/colleges/candidates need to mail their dance/act/mime video to the
organizer before 1st September 2022. The top 15 will be selected for the finale.
7. Judgment completely depends on the performance of the participants or group.
8. School, mentor, academy, guardian, and parents are completely responsible for
their wards.
9. Makeup or other accessories related to the performance will not be provided by the Organizer.
10. If any disturbance occurs in between the performance, then the team will be
disqualified. For Example - ( Mobile rings in between the performance, etc.)
11. The Final decision of the Judges is unquestionable.
12. Bus service will be available for participants to their Schools/Colleges by the

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